Out of Neil Keller’s extraordinary vision has come six separate cabins individually designed to provide an experience unsurpassed on the island of Utila. Each cabin is an eclectic expression of free form enchantment for the senses; flowing, inlaid, undulating counter tops, hand painted floors, antique bed frames with quality bedding, custom bead board ceilings, simply amazing tile and glass block bathing facilities, hand crafted beams, individual paint schemes to delight, and an artist’s touch at literally every cast of your gaze??

But, with all of the fantastical accents that abound, the necessities and requirements of our guests have not been overlooked. Each cabin boasts hot water, air-conditioning, floor fans, refrigerator, and a fireproof private safe for your valuables. Personal touches include a basket in each cabin filled with soaps, shampoo and créme rinse (for the forgetful or those that are traveling light), daily maid service, chilled, purified water, laundry service, and full time security.

6 unique and filled with character cabins comprise what we call Nightland. Each has the standard amenities but an individual charmed theme. Whether you pick the Mono Lisa, Cama Sutra, Fantasea, Quarto Quarto, Dali Llama, or Shagrala, you’re sure to have comfortable and memorable stay in Utila!

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